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LPG for Domestic, Commercial & Industrial Sectors

As part of our 20-year ambition, TotalEnergies is committed to becoming a responsible energy major. LPG is one of the energy forms whose applications are increasing rapidly in the world. It is more suited for India’s growing energy needs and increasing environmental concerns. At TotalEnergies we prepare to support these growths, by being closer to our clients and attentive to new technologies.

Liquified Petroleum Gas, commonly called LPG is a mixture of butane and propane. It has a high calorific value and is less polluting due to its low Sulphur content. LPG can be used in many ways and offers energy efficiency as well as improved operational and environmental performance. The intrinsic qualities of LPG make it an ideal, consistent and exceptional source of energy that is innovative and also sustainable.

TotalEnergies offers LPG to consumers across domestic, automotive, commercial and industrial requirements

Procedure of Supply to Distribution the LPG to consumer

12kg cylinder


Domestic Gas Cylinder

The use of domestic LPG for cooking is simplified, economical and clean. For domestic use, TotalEnergies offers households high-quality LPG via 12Kg gas cylinders through a network of authorized LPG distributors, which can be availed instantly with minimal documentation.


Automotive LPG


Automotive LPG

Automotive or Auto LPG is preparing to play a big role in the automotive fuel sector in helping India’s transition to cleaner fuel alternatives. TotalEnergies is a pioneer of India’s Auto LPG sector and complies with International Safety Standards adapted to Indian conditions. TotalEnergies works to set up Auto LPG outlets on a turnkey basis conforming to the highest technical standards and safety regulations.


Industrial LPG in India

Industrial and Commercial LPG

TotalEnergies offers commercial gas cylinders to hotels, industries and institutions alike. It also offers Compact Manifold Systems that are tailor-made for various applications where a consistently high flow rate is critical. TotalEnergies also offers customized Bulk LPG solutions suited to larger industrial needs.

17kg cylinder


Commercial Gas Cylinders

TotalEnergies offers commercial gas cylinders in various capacities. This segment majorly serves the hotel and catering industry with quality LPG, that is high in calorific value.


33 kg cylinder


Compact Manifold System

TotalEnergies Compact Manifold System is designed to be conveniently setup in low space conditions and offers hassle-free operations. Drawing out liquid LPG prevents cylinder sweating and delivers consistent pressure at the usage point for medium to high flow rate requirements.


Compact Manifold System edito column thumbnail


Mini Bulk Cylinders

TotalEnergies was the first in India to introduce the 450kg LPG cylinders which revolutionized the usage for high volume commercial and industrial applications addressing the space availability and higher flow rate issues.


Bulk LPG Installation


Bulk LPG

TotalEnergies offers customized Bulk LPG to various industries and businesses along with installations. The 3 types of LPG installations offered are Above the ground, Mounded & Underground. The installation type is chosen depending on the business space availability and safety regulations applicable. All LPG storage tanks that are installed in line with SMPV rules (UF) 1981 using IS2825 approved material.



India is steadily moving towards using cleaner energy alternatives and is already recognized as being the world’s 2nd largest consumer of LPG. As India advances towards using cleaner energy forms, TotalEnergies’ commitment to better energy acts as a synergy that fuels the growth of clean energy through the varied offerings and usage of LPG.