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Auto LPG, a mix of propane and butane, is a cleaner automotive transport fuel than traditional fuels. It is one of the lowest polluting fuels available for Internal Combustion Engines (ICE). Auto LPG, an automotive fuel, is poised to play a larger role in India’s transition from traditional fuel sources to more efficient and cleaner fuels. As an environmentally-friendly and economically viable fuel, Auto LPG can help in better mobility while minimizing the impact of transport on human health and the environment.

Why Choose TotalEnergies Auto LPG

- TotalEnergies is a pioneer in the Auto LPG sector in India with international safety standards adapted to Indian conditions.

- The first company to be approved by The Petroleum and Explosives Safety Organisation (PESO) as installer and operator of Auto LPG dispensing stations (ALDS).

TotalEnergies has the expertise to handle:

  • In-House designing, execution, technical support, maintenance activity and licensing for ALDS.
  • ALDS is constructed as per government regulations and licensed by PESO.
  • TotalEnergies supplies auto-grade LPG complying to BIS 14861
  • Supply management through effective logistics

TotalEnergies Auto LPG Offerings

Turnkey Installation- The Auto LPG Outlet is set up on a turnkey basis by our expert Technical Team in conformance with all technical standards, statutory rules and safety standards.

  • Quality- TotalEnergies ensures procurement of Autograde LPG conforms to to BIS 14861.
  • Maintenance- The facility is maintained by TotalEnergies to ensure smooth functioning of the outlet.
  • Supply and Logistics- TotalEnergies ensures uninterrupted supply of LPG through its dedicated fleet of tankers to ensure availability of product to our customers.

Become an Auto LPG Dealer