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Car Wash & Services

Discover the new Wash center

at 6th Main Road,

VV MOhalla, Mysuru


Looking for a clean, efficient and

eco-responsible way to wash your car?




Roller Washing

Our eco-responsible Wash center is equipped with a water recycling system which allows for up to 85% of the water to be recycled. Plus, bio-degradable products* are used for cleaning and shining. The product cans used by the stations are also recovered and reused up to 7 times!

*80% biodegradable products minimum after 28 days.

Roller Washing Tips

  • Pass a high-pressure jet before switching to rollers
  • Remove your antenna, and fold down your mirrors before starting your wash

Interior Washing

The comfort of a clean interior is as important as a bright exterior. Wash offers you a care and maintenance area at our Wash center.

Tips For A Cleaner Interior

  • Periodically clean the interior of your car to prevent pests
  • Empty the passenger compartment before vacuuming
  • Remove the floor mats and shake them out