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TotalEnergies provides bulk LPG specific to your needs, specialized for your business and space.

We offer 3 types of installations

  • Above the ground
  • Mounded
  • Underground

Benefits of TotalEnergies Bulk LPG Installation


  • All requirements have tailor-made solutions from our team
  • Installations done accurately to the business space
  • Maintenance services offered and provision of optimal operation methods and safety measures.

We also provide single or multiple LPG storage tanks and its’ accessories, according to SMPV rules (UF) 1981. When needed we are there for your other requirements too; we install vaporizers, pressure regulating systems, hoses, and fire hydrant systems. Our fire hydrant systems are available in various customized sizes that fit your water needs: 10kl, 15kl, 20kl, and 40kl). All our materials are of IS code (IS 2825) - Seamless Pipes, SWRF Flanges, Socket Weld Elbows and Tees, Metallic Gaskets and Polyurethane Paint. These are made to enhance the robust structure, safety, and life of our product.