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We at TotalEnergies, have a vast expertise in Bulk LPG / Propane installation and as on date manage over 300 satisfied industrial customers with the complete  support  in technical, maintenance and dedicated logistics through highly sophisticated tankers equipped with GPS and compliant safety standards for supply commitments.

  • We have a dedicated technical team spread across India to serve the needs of our customers.
  • The projects team will manage the entire process from designing the facility (as per with SMPV rules and Global safety standard & in line with customer requirement) to commissioning of the facility for timely completion.
  • Our service team will then take over and serve the customer for the entire contract period.
  • For TotalEnergies, safety is our core value, and our Safety department will periodically monitor the site and processes to ensure “Zero Accident” during project execution and during maintenance period by conducting safety training on site.

TotalEnergies provide variety of solution across Industries covering a wide range of applications like Aerosol, Heat treatment, Endo- gas generation, Paint Booth, Powder coating, Melting furnaces, Agriculture & Food Industries. We specialize in developing unique LPG / Propane solution for each of our customers’ requirement with more than 25 years in the business.

We have solutions ranging from small capsules (5MT) to large storage (up to 25MT) in Above ground , Mounded or Underground.

TotalEnergies is the only company in India to provide novel Solutions under BOOT/BOOM type of contracts which has benefited large number of customer across India since the last 25 years.