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LPG 450

The energy environment is getting complex and that is precisely the reason why TotalEnergies innovates newer LPG solutions to cater to industrial/ commercial requirements. LPG, though an environmentally friendly fuel, is facing challenges concerning the availability of space for Bulk Installations and hence we have addressed it by pioneering the revolutionary concept of 450 kg cylinder- the first time in India in the year 2008.


Compact Manifold Systems Edito Column


The TotalEnergies 450kg LPG cylinder has been carefully designed to ensure trouble free operation, high flow rate requirement with minimum footprint size. It can cater to varied LPG applications across industries like Metal working and Iron & Steel. 


Benefits of 450kg Installation


Liquid LPG & Vapor Withdrawal facility

The 1000 litre container is equipped with a state-of-the-art multifunction valve and conforms to NFPA 58 requirements. This valve is equipped with both liquid and vapor withdrawal port. This facility allows for complete withdrawal of not only liquid but also vapor, thus minimizing the residual gas.

Minimum Footprint size, saving precious space

The installation, which conforms to IS 6044 & OISD 162, requires the least space as compared to other competing systems. The area required for a typical installation is 9 metres X 7 metres.

Consistent LPG Composition at your burners

The bane of manifold systems with vapour offtake is that LPG composition at the burner varies requiring the combustion system to be tweaked continuously for optimal performance. As the vaporization is assisted, the LPG composition is constant, resulting in optimal combustion.

Quick Project Execution

The Technical Services Team at TotalEnergies has project execution expertise to set up the installations effectively to meet your requirements.


It has the capability of scaling up in case of higher production at your unit resulting in an increased flow rate of LPG, with minimal changes to the system.

Complete Facility Management

TotalEnergies skills are deployed in lifetime support for the system right from installation, prompt supply chain management, and timely maintenance support to ensure an uninterrupted experience.