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Vehicle Care

TotalEnergies India offers an exclusive range of workshops dedicated to providing high quality and speedy service to the bike and car category. It is our earnest attempt to eliminate the uncertainties of consumers regarding the authenticity of products and technical capabilities. TotalEnergies Quartz Auto services is a chain of workshops for cars, where services with fast turnaround time are provided. On the other hand, TotalEnergies Hi-Perf Moto services is an innovative initiative aimed at redefining the way two-wheelers are serviced.

At TotalEnergies, we commit to provide

  • Tailored, high-quality products

  • Clear and displayed services

  • Efficient service by trained staff

  • A clean, accessible and well-organized outlet

TotalEnergies Quartz Auto Services is an initiative for car workshops, where oil changes take place exclusively or with other services to match customer expectations and the local markets.

By joining TotalEnergies Quartz Auto Care Services, as a customer or business, you get more benefits:

  • Guidance on the selection of most suitable lubricants and professional recommendations on car maintenance for customers.

  • Additional services will be provided such as a professional approach in terms of scope of work, delivery schedule, cost implications and sales promotion.

  • Businesses get technical training on lubricants and their application. Along with that, they can get logistic support and access to our complete range of products. Marketing support will be available through participation in sales promotions and merchandise items.

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TotalEnergies Hi-Perf Moto Services is an international chain of workshops aimed at providing motorcycle owners with professional and good quality bike servicing. 
The TotalEnergies Hi-Perf Moto Services concept originated from the company’s research that bike owners service their bikes at independent garages, where the authenticity of products, technical capabilities and upkeep of the premises are regular concerns.


  • The two-wheeler market is experiencing a rapid growth in purchases that in turn leads to an increased demand for services. Moto services aims to upgrade unbranded/ non-franchised garages and outlets outside the OEM service dealers into unique Moto services outlets, where they get improved customer traffic.

  • The workshops under this concept are given a superior makeover with the latest tools & equipment to eliminate all the worries of the consumer and address his hygiene needs. Further, at TotalEnergies Hi-Perf Moto Services, the consumer can learn about the company's Fully Synthetic premium product Hi-Perf 4T 900.


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TotalEnergies Lube Station is a chain of strategically identified retail shops branded with TotalEnergies livery.TotalEnergies India introduced the Lube Station with an objective to create strong brand visibility and unanimous identity of the TotalEnergies brand across all the segments. 

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TotalEnergies invites loyal and enterprising workshop to become part of international chain of Workshop concept. Let’s grow together.

Selection criteria for tie-up

  • Workshop should have permanent structure

  • Workshop should have legal permission to service vehicle

  • Workshop should be located on visible area

  • Workshop should uplift committed volume off-take for at-least three months

  • Workshop should have dedicated, covered service area

    • Minimum 150 Sqft for TotalEnergies Hi-Perf Moto Services

    • Minimum 1000 Sqft for TotalEnergies Quartz Auto Services

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