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Lubrication solutions for the energy production Industry


Equipment availability and performance are essential for profitability in the highly capital-intensive energy production sector. The quality of lubricants used have a major impact on both the criteria mentioned above. TotalEnergies has in-depth knowledge of the unique needs of this sector and has an extensive product range to match their requirements.

TotalEnergies lubricants are the fruits of research and work carried out in collaboration with the major component manufacturers in the energy sector, ensuring the high performance of your equipment now and in the future. Our wide range of oils, greases and coolants meets the requirements of all industrial applications in the energy sector. Our global coverage ensures that you have fast access to our products on all your sites worldwide.

We share our expertise in lubricants with you, providing you with a range of services designed to optimize the productivity of your equipment and reduce your maintenance costs:

  • Turbine service package: filtering, rinsing, factory fill, turbine oil change
  • Oil analysis
  • Maintenance and lubrication software


Discover our industrial lubricants for energy production

Turbine : Whether they’re harnessing and creating energy from steam, water, wind or gas, turbines need to be able to cope with constant heat, pressure and usage, all without succumbing to wear or corrosion.
TotalEnergies’ range of turbine oils safeguard turbines from these extremes, improving the performance of a range of components, from hydraulic circuits, to turbomachine gears and blade assemblies, all while improving drain intervals compared to conventional lubricants. For turbine operators wanting to improve the efficiency of operations, they’re a sound choice.

Gas engines :  Transporting or drawing energy from natural, landfill or dual-fuel gas sources, gas engines need premium lubricants to operate consistently and efficiently.
TotalEnergies’ gas engine oils guard gas engines from corrosion, metal wear and the build-up of soot, protecting them and improving their performance. Offering excellent oil drain intervals, better fuel economy and great ash consistency, they’re supported by TotalEnergies’ support services too for an all-encompassing solution.


Lubricants for gas engines

NATERIA is a range of detergent oils for gas engines and motor-compressors running on all types of fuel – from natural gas to highly corrosive landfill gas. NATERIA oils are formulated in compliance with the equipment manufacturers' requirements and maximum engine protection.
Extended oil change intervals due to substantial reserves of alkalinity
Good thermal stability, resistance to oxidation and nitration
Considerable anti-wear and anti-corrosion properties
Detergent and dispersant capacities that reduce the formation of deposits

  • Explore our complete range of detergent oils for gas engines
  • NATERIA MH: mineral oil for natural gas engines, used in cogeneration or otherwise.
  • NATERIA MJ: mineral oil for natural gas and biogas engines: purification stations, liquid manure, landfill sites.
  • NATERIA MP: hydrocracked mineral oil for natural gas engines, operating under severe conditions.
  • Coolant: WT Supra, Organic Technology Coolant with excellent corrosion inhibition capability


Bespoke recommendations

We advise you to contact us for recommendations that are perfectly suited to your operating conditions. For further information about our products, consult the product catalogue.

Wind turbines : Wind turbines are fast becoming a key part of energy mixes across the world, but whether they’re installed on or off-shore, windmills and their constituent parts need to be lubricated to function correctly, whether that’s their generators, gears, shafts or guy wires.
TotalEnergies’ windmill oil range boosts the performance of all these parts, allowing turbines to function longer and with less maintenance downtime, whatever the environment or size of turbine. Corrosion-resistant, biodegradable and extremely stable, they’re a smart selection for any operator.  

Transformer : TotalEnergies’ transformer lubricants provide insulation for components of electrical systems, reducing the danger of overheating and breakdowns. Power systems are relied upon by practically every sector, and with TotalEnergies’ transformer oils protecting transformers, power can keep on flowing.
Extending the lifetimes of components while reducing the need for cleaning and repair, TotalEnergies’ electrical transformer oils deliver proven performance, lowering costs while improving durability. Whatever the scale or complexity of the power system, there’s a TotalEnergies insulating oil to match.