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Value Added Services Industry

TotalEnergies understands that productivity is key to your business. While we bring you high quality lubricants to protect your equipment, extend its working life and reduce maintenance and downtime, there are many other ways we help you optimize your production. 

We aim to serve you with the very best, whether it is on time delivery, oil analysis, waste oil disposal or easier ordering. You can find out more about our innovative range of services below.


In our endeavor to support you in every way possible, 20 years of expertise led us to create an easy-to-use and reliable software- TIG 6. This software helps customers track their running machinery, know what lubricants are required for their equipment, and when oil changes and maintenance would be needed. 
We’ve constantly been improving this software and today TIG 6 hosts of features to schedule machine maintenance and lubrication, turning every tedious task into an easy one and saves you money also.

Here are the key features of TIG 6

  • User- friendly software that is easy to use and implement plans.
  • Stores and references lubricant documentation.
  • Compatible with Windows PCs, Android and IOS smartphones.
  • Smartphone barcode scanner for direct use on site.
  • Technical support and training provided by our experts.
  • ANAC - oil analysis can be part of the schedule.


  • Prolonged asset life
  • Reduced down time
  • Lower operating costs
  • Simplified audit trail for historical maintenance

Complete Planning Tool

- An accessible solution to generate time-based job lists and validate all planned and unplanned maintenance.

Access Live Information

- Barcode reader functionality allows technical operators to access information live on the job via the mobile application.

Document Management

- Through the integrated document management, you can upload technical data sheets and internal procedure documents for joined up visibility.

Oil condition Monitoring Integration

- TIG 6 is compatible with ANAC, allowing automatic triggers for oil condition monitoring reports to be set up.

“We saw a reduction in lubricant costs of 4.5% since introducing TIG software”   - National industrial manufacturer