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TotalEnergies Compact Manifold System (CMS) has been carefully designed and tailor-made for trouble-free operation, medium to high flow rate requirement with comparatively lesser footprint size compared to conventional Vapor offtake (VOT) manifold systems. TotalEnergies CMS can cater to various LPG applications safely and efficiently across industries

Advantages of TotalEnergies CMS


  • TotalEnergies 33 Kg LOT (Liquid offtake) System is provided as a complete package which is advanced and simple to operate
  • Since Liquid LPG is drawn out, the cylinder does not sweat (formation of water droplets on the cylinder)

With the avoidance of cylinder sweating LOT cylinders offer the following benefits:

  • Consistent LPG vapor pressure at the usage point
  • Consistent LPG composition at the usage point
  • A consistent quality of vapor
  • Increased productivity
  • A constant flow of LPG vapor irrespective of climatic conditions
  • Sufficient Enough redundancy measures are factored into the design of the LOT System to ensure uninterrupted supply of LPG.
  • Convenient to handle
  • Quick installation & Ease of troubleshooting
  • Simple Operation of the facility
  • In-House Designing, Execution, Technical and Maintenance expertise by TotalEnergies
  • Training by experts on safety and operations
  • Enhanced safety owing to the minimum number of joints
  • Minimum maintenance required
  • Advanced Vaporizer design
  • Minimum Space Requirement

BECOME A FRANCHISE FOR Compact Manifold System