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Lubricants for the Automotive manufacturing


Increasing productivity, reducing environmental impact and introducing technological innovations are the major challenges faced by the automotive industry. In this ever-changing situation, TotalEnergies targets excellence and proves to be a reliable partner for manufacturers.


TotalEnergies Lubricants:

  • Defines your requirements by carrying out a detailed study of the application and approving a set of specifications
  • Recommends suitable high-technology lubricants to meet your needs
  • Closely monitors the test programme
  • Delivers a supply/transportation service that has worldwide coverage
  • Offers lubrication services to increase the availability of your production facilities and lower your maintenance costs
  • Provides you with on-going assistance in the search for technical and economic improvements


Our lubricants and special products for automotive manufacturing are:


a) Oils for Hydraulic Systems

ACANTIS HM: An anti-wear type hydraulic oil that is suitable for all hydraulic systems (machine tool hydraulic system, plain and roller bearing circulation bath, gearboxes and chain drive lubrication systems.

AZOLLA ZS: Suited for hydraulic systems operating in high temperature and pressure conditions. Bearings and miscellaneous devices.

AZOLLA AF: Specially created for hydraulic systems that are particularly sensitive to the formation of deposits and/or that operate in high temperature and pressure conditions. Bearings and miscellaneous devices.

EQUIVIS ZS: This one matches best with hydraulic systems operating in highway equipment, earth moving equipment like backhoe loaders, excavators etc.


b) Oils for Industrial Gear Systems

CARTER EP: Industrial gears, bearings under high loads and high temperatures.

CARTER XEP: Gears under high loads, high temperatures and difficult environments, protection from micro pitting.

CARTER SH: Gears subjected to very high loads and high temperatures in difficult environments.


c) Oils for compressors and vacuum pumps, pneumatic equipment, insulating oils.