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TotalEnergies welcomes entrepreneurs to become a franchise and take our legacy forward. We look forward to a strong partnership that evokes transparency and friendship in a journey that will go on for long.

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Become an Auto LPG Dealer


How to Become a Dealer for TotalEnergies Auto LPG Station


TotalEnergies offers new dealership for interested applicants for setting up of TotalEnergies Auto LPG Dispensing Stations (ALDS) as per international standards and conforming to all requirements of the statutory authorities. Our ALDS offer the best of the class in service levels and quality LPG conforming to BIS 14861 standards. To become a part of the fast-expanding network of TotalEnergies, please note the following:

  • TotalEnergies offers ALDS dealership on two business models – DODO (Dealer Owned Dealer Operated) and CODO (Company Owned Dealer Operated) and the margins would differ as per the business model.
  • Location of the site would be the key determining factor for the award of the dealership and the business model
  • The site for the proposed ALDS should ideally be of 10,000 sq. ft (100x100).  However, we could also look at the sites of 4200 sq. ft with a minimum frontage of 70 feet for small format ALDS.
  • The land can be owned or leased by the applicant
  • The approximate investment for a DODO ALDS is Rs.70,00,000


TotalEnergies is selective about the new dealers and only those who fulfill all the necessary requirements will be shortlisted for award of dealership in the designated markets. The procedures followed for new dealer appointment would be as follows:

  • An application would be sent to the interested applicant after the collection of relevant information.
  • Filled-up application to be sent to the address of the Corporate Office as mentioned in the application with the photocopies of the land documents.
  • The site visit will be done by the sales personnel along with the technical team for ascertaining the eligibility criteria and for technical evaluation of the proposed site.
  • The shortlisted applicant should appear before the selection panel at Corporate Office for evaluation.
  • Selected applicants will be issued with a Letter Of Intent for new distributorship subject to fulfilling all the requirements of the company.
  • The mechanical erection and commissioning of the facility would be under the scope of TotalEnergies and so will be activities pertaining to the grant of PESO license for the facility. TotalEnergies would also guide, supervise and monitor the activities pertaining to the civil construction and local NOC which would be under the scope of the dealer.