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Our Products & Services

The LPG division of TotalEnergies operates globally under the name of TotalEnergies. A boon for the automotive sector and many households, TotalEnergies is redefining accessibility and ease of purchase of gas cylinders, creating a revolution throughout the country. A number of cutting-edge technologies in LPG handling, storage, transportation, distribution, and usage have been developed by TotalEnergies. We have a global presence in around 50 countries and we are the founding member of the World LPG Association, the apex body of the world’s leading LPG companies.


LPG in Cylinders

TotalEnergies is your partner for your domestic LPG needs. Hassle-free and instant, define our services to the core. Here are some reasons why you should opt for TotalEnergies:

Instant gas connection:

Avail an instant gas connection from the comfort of your home or office without the hassle of paperwork. We will look into delivering the connection in 24 hours’ time.

Quality assured:

Quality is first and foremost for us. We provide an accurate weight of the gas and safe LPG cylinders.

Flawless service:

Our after-sales service is friendly and our staff will never let you down.

Kindly fill up the following details and our customer service executives will call you back for providing further details and for collecting the information for the issue of new connection at your doorstep. Alternatively, you can call us on 1800 102 3339.

Here are the details of LPG gas prices:

New Connection Charges
Refundable Deposit. Excl. Gas Cost Rs.1400.00
Pressure Regulator Rs.250.00
Connection Charges Rs.150.00
TOTAL Rs.1800.00


Bulk LPG

We are your ideal source to provide bulk LPG. Our company provides LPG specific to your needs, specialized for your business and space. All your requirements are met, our team installs LPG in your businesses, accurate to your space. Our services go further, by guiding our customers with lifelong maintenance, providing them with optimal operation methods and vital safety measures. We are your lifelong bulk LPG providers.

Our proficient team can store your bulk LPG mounted or above the ground. We provide single or multiple LPG storage tanks and its’ accessories, according to SMPV rules (UF) 1981. When needed we are there for your other requirements too; we install vaporizers, pressure regulating systems,  hoses, and fire hydrant systems. Our fire hydrant systems are available in various customized sizes that fit your water needs: 10kl, 15kl, 20kl, and 40kl. All our materials are of richer IS code ( IS 2825) - Seamless Pipes, SWRF Flanges, Socket Weld Elbows and Tees, Metallic Gaskets and Polyurethane Paint. These are made to enhance the robust structure, safety, and life of our product.

After years of experience, you can trust us for cost-effective and secure bulk LPG. With continuous maintenance and fast execution, we provide you with the most reliable service. We are your dependable bulk LPG provider, by providing you with the most convenient service from start to finish.


Automotive LPG

Automotive LPG, in essence, has contributed to a greener planet and low fuel expenses. LPG helps you save 30-40% on fuel expenses and has a low carbon footprint. TotalEnergies' automotive LPG vertical and supplies are the cleanest LPG for automotive use. LPG is normally free of contaminants resulting in clean-burning and very low deposition of carbon and varnish inside the engine which consequently improves the life of the engine. TotalEnergies dispensing stations are conveniently located to serve you. As a pioneer in respecting the environment, TotalEnergies is the best fuel for today's pollution concerns.

Here’s why you should opt for TotalEnergies LPG

  • TotalEnergies is a pioneer in the Auto LPG sector in India with international safety standards adapted to Indian conditions.
  • The first company to be approved by PESO as installer and operator of auto LPG dispensing stations (ALDS).
  • TotalEnergies has the expertise to handle :
    1. In-House designing, execution, technical support, maintenance activity and licensing for ALDS.
    2. ALDS is constructed as per government regulations and licensed by PESO.
  • TotalEnergies supplies auto-grade LPG complying to BIS 14861
  • Supply management through effective logistics


Propane is compressed and stored LPG. Among the saturated hydrocarbons, it is the third compound after methane and ethane. It is regarded as the LPG with the lightest component and the highest calorific value. It is non-toxic and colourless. Which makes it the most environmentally-friendly and efficient gas.

Our Propane gas is ideal for indoor or outdoor heating, kitchen appliances, heating water, farm irrigation machines, and vehicles. Our propane gas is your cost-efficient solution by avoiding regular maintenance. It is also your environmentally friendly gas, recognized by the clean air act 1990. It helps reduce carbon footprint and produced 2.5 times fewer greenhouse gases. As a result, we provide you with a better quality of air and reduced dust.
TotalEnergies propane is your cost-effective and eco-friendly solution for gas that takes care of you.