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Helmet 4 life


Make quality helmets available to drivers of motorized two-wheelers & actively raise awareness among drivers

At TotalEnergies, Safety is our core value embedded in all our processes.

TotalEnergies Foundation and TotalEnergies India Marketing Pvt. Ltd. bring their global commitment towards road safety in India through yet another social endeavour, the Helmet4Life Initiative.

This initiative, supported by TotalEnergies Foundation and its local subsidiaries, is aimed primarily at distributing 100,000 helmets across 40 countries including India, where the majority population uses two-wheelers with limited access to quality helmets at affordable prices.

The Helmet4Life initiative aims to promote safe two-wheeler riding by educating people about the importance of wearing helmets for safety, creating awareness about safe riding practices, and motivating them to follow compliance norms, with the ultimate goal of reducing two-wheeler road accidents.

In India, the program will educate college students, youth-supporting NGOs, and first-time license applicants at regional transport offices about the significance of wearing helmets and adhering to road regulations. Additionally, the program will distribute around 20,000 helmets to beneficiaries from different socio-economic backgrounds in Delhi, Bengaluru, Mumbai, and Ahmedabad.

United Way Mumbai (UWM)

United Way Mumbai (UWM) and its associates will implement the Helmet4Life initiative in India. UWM's mission is to improve lives by mobilising the caring power of communities to advance the common good. Their education and road safety expertise is central to deploying this program for TotalEnergies.

We believe that we can reduce the number of road accidents and make our roads safer for everyone by educating people about safe driving practices.

Summary of impact