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We take care of your bike, you take care of your ride

Choosing a premium engine oil is easier than ever with Hi-Perf. Specially formulated to provide optimal engine performance with long-lasting protection in any weather condition, it is now available in an innovative design with a new pedagogical label so you can choose the most suitable engine oil for your motorcycle. We have one focus in mind: to be the progress accelerator which takes people further. Consequently, the Hi-Perf brand is tailored to meet all customer needs. Hi-Perf series are empowered with the latest technologies. Thanks to a long history of bold R&D, it exceeds even the most demanding needs of motorcycles manufacturers.

Your motorbike oil is crucial

  • Cutting-edge R&D in lubricant innovation for over 50 years
    TotalEnergies invests in cutting-edge technologies to find raw materials that always bring you more energy saving.
  • A trusted partner, products approved by motorcycle manufacturers
    Hi-Perf range is made to meet the needs of OEMs such as Bajaj and CF MOTO to improve the durability of the bike.

Why choose Hi-Perf?

Improve engine durability
Save fuel save money
daily rides cooler

Durability Improver

Technical benefits

Fuel Economy

Helps you save money on daily rides

Cooling Effect

Makes your daily rides cooler in
hot and humid environments

  • Enhanced Deposit Control
  • Enhanced Oxidation Control
  • Enhanced Wear Protection
  • Enhanced Clutch Friction Durability
  • Reduced Frictional Losses
  • No Compromise On Clutch Operation
  • Controlled Oil Sump Temperature
  • Rapid Thermal Load Spread


You can discover all Hi-Perf range here.