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By understanding the needs of rubber manufacturers and gaining experience as market leaders in plasticizers and specialized boiling spirits, TotalEnergies has created high-performance rubbers. We produce quality rubbers that are cost-effective. That can be used for seals, pipes, tubes, gloves, belts, shoes and tires. 

Product specifications:

  • PLAXOLENE 50 – Composed out of aromatic plasticizers. It is most compatible with CR, SBR and BR rubbers, and it is mostly used in the tire industry with Natural Rubber.
  • PLAXOLENE MS 132 – This mild extract solvate (MES) has an ultra-low glass transition temperature (Tg), that helps produce rubber for extreme conditions such as winter tires.
  • PLAXENE – Our paraffinic plasticizers made by ethylene propylene diene monomer (EPDM) synthetic rubber manufacturing. Helps create a range of industrial applications.

Application and benefits:

  • Improves solvency and compatibility in your rubber mix.
  • Decreases the thickness of rubber compounds.
  • Rubber processing becomes easier and efficient.
  • Improves mechanical properties.
  • Decreased formulation costs.
  • Improves low-temperature performance.
  • Improves braking and fuel consumption.
  • Dedicated products already used by the top ten tire manufacturers.