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Based on petroleum distillates, we have created the Greenflux range of bitumen fluxes. Our formula reduces the naturally high viscosity of bitumen, which enables it to be effortlessly mixed and spread and it works in lower temperatures. Thus, it dries faster, saves energy and adheres. Our Greenflux will help build road-tough surfaces, that are resistant to harsh conditions and the wear of heavy traffic.

Product specifications

  • Greenflux 2000 – for bitumen and bitumen emulsion mixes.
  • Greenflux SD – for bitumen and bitumen emulsion. It contains elastomers for surface dressing elasticity.
  • Greenflux 3000 – for cold mixing. It helps workability at room temperature, has a high flash point and is not VOC under the EU’s 1999 directive.

Applications and benefits

  • Save energy:
    This determines that the asphalt can be spread at 80°C to 90°C, which demands less energy and reducing your costs.
  • Save time:
    We help complete your roads faster. By creating cooler asphalt, the surface goes to its regular temperature faster, with the flux aiding evaporation.
  • Mix and store:
    Our cold mixes can be preserved for several months before its use.