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TotalEnergies faith in protecting the environment formed the OSR range of products. Our Finasol OSR range of marine dispersants is your ideal product in a difficult situation, such as an oil spill. It increases the pace of biodegradation by breaking down hydrocarbon pollutants into tiny droplets. 

Product specifications:

  • Our products hold up to the highest criteria for biodegradability and ecotoxicity.
  • Finasol OSR 52: A swift and efficient solution. The first product that complies with the Environmental Protection Agency (USA), Marine Management Organisation (UK) and CEDRE (France).
  • Finasol OSR 51: Highly effective. Complies with MMO (UK) and CEDRE (France) regulations.

Applications and benefits:

  • Over the last 20 years, Finasol OSR products are there to ease the cleanup process of spills all over the world’s oceans.
  • Our products provide a fast-acting and effective method. They also meet all the international standards for environmental safety.