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We are experts in the domain of paraffin oils that protect crops against insects and plant diseases. Our paraffin oils are your perfect insecticides, it will restrict the eggs from hatching or developing, by effectively covering the insect eggs and larvae. It can also be used as your ideal fungicides, made to protect your plants from the transmission of disease and the beginning of spores on treated plants. You can further create a stronger fungicide with our paraffin oils as an adjuvant, that can be mixed with other fungicide products.

Product Specification

Insecticide formulations

  • Citrole – Perfect to manage insects and mites on citrus fruit, grapes, pome (apple, pear, etc.) and stone fruits, tropical fruits and ornamentals. Additionally, it also helps improve the performance with a mixture of fungicides, insecticides, and herbicides.
  • Arbofine – Biodegradable paraffin oil to kill eggs and larvae. Particularly designed to get rid of red spider mites on fruit trees.
  • Catane – An efficient ovicide/larvicide for fruit trees.
  • Ovispray – Made to preserve your fruit trees against mites, aphids, and mealybugs.
  • Finavestan – Blocks aphids from spreading viruses to seed potatoes.

Insecticide, fungicide and herbicide adjuvants

  • Banole – After lengthy research in Latin America, the Caribbean, Africa, and Asia we designed Banole. It helps preserve banana plants against the Black Sigatoka virus.
  • Velezia – A paraffinic mineral oil herbicide range, perfect for beets. Also agreeable with other herbicides.
  • Genera – Paraffinic mineral oils that are effective insecticides.
  • Herbidown – This biodegradable paraffinic adjuvant increases the compatibility of herbicides. It enters the plant more effectively and lasts for a lengthy amount of time. 

Applications and benefits

  • Controls pests and diseases.
  • Fit for a variety of crops.
  • Can be used close to harvest time because there is no residue.
  • After the treatment, it provides a short re-entry interval period.
  • Also useful to treat minor crop issues.
  • Ideal for the least environmental and human health impacts. Our products are easily biodegradable. The insects and fungi will not develop a resistance against it. It has also been awarded the TotalEnergies EcoSolutions label for its sustainability and low environmental impact. Therefore, it can also be used by organic farmers.