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Our Gemseal product will help you achieve a perfectly smooth, glossy, and rich look that every personal care product aim for. Gemseal is a pure, biodegradable hydrocarbon emollient that nourishes the skin. Our range of inert fluids works for skincare, hygiene, make-up, haircare, and sunscreen products.

Product specification

We provide a range of consistencies to help you achieve the finished product of your wish.
Products include:

  • Gemseal 25 - A volatile alkane that creates a dry touch, a good evaporation rate and ease of spreading. The more suitable alternative to Cyclomethicone and Isododecane.
  • Gemseal 40 - Provides a higher gloss than Gemseal 25, with a dry touch and an improved evaporation rate. It is also a more suitable alternative to Cyclomethicone, Dimethicone, and Isododecane.
  • Gemseal 60 – A less volatile emollient, with a more delicate feel. Ideal for hair care products or creams. An alternative to Dimethiconol and Isohexadecane.
  • Gemseal 120 - More lustrous than the other alkanes in the range. Gives a rich and creamy feel, never greasy. Ideal for cream formulation. An alternative to Isohexadecane or low-viscosity white oils.

Application and benefits

  • Easy to use, safe, colourless and suitable for all types of beauty product.
  • Certified and awarded the TotalEnergies EcoSolutions award. A biodegradable and low environmental impact product. Compared to silicone oils, it helps decrease greenhouse gas emissions by 86 %.
  • Perfectly agreeable with vegetable oils, silicone oils or emulsifiers.
  • Found to be non-irritable (OECD guidelines 404 and 405), non-mutagenic (Ames test), non-comedogenic (Clinical study), no oral and dermal toxicity (OECD guidelines 401 and 402), non-occlusive, non-sensitising (Repeated patch tests).