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TotalEnergies Metal Cutting Gas

Published Date - 9th Sep 2021


High performance and Low-cost Metal Cutting

TotalEnergies is devoted to introducing our customers with a range of products that are economically efficient, reliable and cleaner by innovating and upgrading. TotalEnergies has launched TotalEnergies LPG Cutting Gas, a revolutionary new product for metal cutting and temperature intensive applications.

Acetylene is the most frequently used fuel gas in metal cutting applications, be that it may, due to its high flammability range and struggle in handling, customers are seeking for a substitute as for the possible course of action.

TotalEnergies LPG Cutting Gas delivers safer operability, high-cost reduction, and brilliant performance over acetylene and regular LPG; developed for energy-efficient Oxy-Fuel Cutting. Its top-quality surface finish with high cutting speed makes it a splendid choice for fabricators, scrappers, and other metal-working industries.

TotalEnergies LPG Cutting Gas is an exceptional product; it is non-toxic and safe to handle. It provides high flame temperature, high heat input and is industrially sustainable. It also has stable shock sensitivity and low backfire tendency. Its higher cutting speed contributes to increased productivity and proficiency. TotalEnergies LPG Cutting Gas also improves fuel savings and thus is cost effective. Its consumption of oxygen is also lower in comparison to other mediums of Oxy-Fuel Cutting Gas. All these collective factors make TotalEnergies LPG Cutting Gas a well founded and solid match for Oxy-Fuel Cutting.

TotalEnergies is a trustworthy and thoughtful brand that endorses safety as a core value and not just a priority. We aspire to be recognized as a benchmark for safety in our industry.