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Selecting the right engine oil

India is geographically diverse with varied climatic conditions ranging from tropical in the south to temperate conditions in the Himalayan north region. Depending on where the individual is located and the given climatic conditions of that area, a car owner should choose their engine oil carefully. For an engine to function efficiently, the engine oil must maintain functional viscosity across cold and hot temperature conditions.The Quartz pack, has the viscosity grade mentioned on them as 5W-40, 10W-30, 20W-50 etc.The first number is the engine oil viscosity reading at -17.8⁰C while the last number is the engine oil viscosity reading at 100⁰C. A 5W-40 engine oil grade is generally what a car owner could use, because its functional viscosity covers a wide range of operating temperatures.

This information has been provided to help you get the best out of your engine oil for good performance and lower long-term maintenance.