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LPG Connection with minimal documentation

Published Date - 31'st May 2022

Even as the digital age sweeps our country getting an LPG Gas Connection even in a city like Bangalore can be a cumbersome and time-consuming process. With waiting for days before getting your LPG cylinders. The process may require you to submit documents that you may not necessarily have. And not wanting to go through the process you may opt for alternatives like Electrical Induction heaters which are much slower, less economical and require you to have special utensils.

But hey, not anymore. We are here to help! We at TotalEnergies will help you with a hassle-free LPG connection within 24-48 hours and that too without burdening you having to submit unnecessary documents. Moreover, our cylinder regulators are equipped with EFCV (Excess Flow Check Valve) technology which automatically cut off the LPG supply in case of leakage and prevents accidents to ensure safety.


What more? There is no need for any cumbersome process or visit any shops as you can get your gas connection by calling our Toll-Free number on 1800 102 3339 and we’ll get you that LPG connection instantly.