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VIA Road Safety Education Program

In India, TotalEnergies is committed to creating behavioural changes in young children towards road safety. VIA, a road safety education program, was launched in 2019 to effectively armour the adults of tomorrow with the right knowledge and tools to contribute to safer roads. The VIA program, developed with the support of Global Road Safety Partnership, aims to reach 100,000 young people worldwide over a 3-year period.



In the last three years, with the support of the implementation partner United Way Mumbai, the program has successfully trained 15000+ school students in the age group of 10-14 years across three cities in India - Mumbai, Delhi and Bengaluru.

What does the VIA program aim to achieve?

The VIA program is an easy to implement curriculum-based program, that uses active and creative learning techniques, incorporating new and innovative road safety content.

The program aims to ensure that children and young people

  1. learn about on-road risky behaviour, thus avoiding accidents
  2. participate actively to produce creative road safety messages
  3. create action plans to implement road safety measures for their school routes, school environments and beyond
  4. become aware that there is a strong connection between safe behaviour on roads and protecting their own lives


And what has the VIA program achieved thus far?

  • 15702 students between 10-14 years across Mumbai, Delhi and Bengaluru completed VIA classroom training sessions since the launch in 2019.
  • 1372 school teachers trained till date.
  • The program has been implemented in 58 schools in Mumbai, 42 schools in Delhi and 10 schools in Bengaluru since the launch in 2019.
  • Annual inter school road safety competitions and symposiums for relevant government stakeholders and school authorities were conducted to create a larger dialogue on school road safety for young students.
  • Tutorials on Safe Walking and Cycling via animated films.